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Smile Makeover
Smile Makeover

The ultimate solution for achieving a beautiful and natural smile for many people, a smile makeover involves a process of careful planning and treatment. Due to his experience and artistic skill, Jatin personally does all smile makeover cases at our practice.

A smile makeover may be indicated for the following:

  • Unsightly metal fillings
  • Discoloured old crowns
  • A gummy and narrow smile
  • Crooked and discoloured teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Stained, discolored and worn teeth

To ensure you have a predictable end result, and a smile you are delighted with, these are the special steps we undertake in smile design techniques:

Step 1: Mock Up

We use white filling material to artistically create a mock up to indicate how your smile will look. Impressions, photographs and accurate measurements of this are then taken.

Step 2: Laboratory Planning & Creation of Wax Ups

Our master ceramist technician will then create ideal wax ups based on the initial mock up. These will be the blueprint for your final smile.

Step 3: Preparation & Trial Smile Creation

After careful, precise and selective reshaping of the required teeth, the wax ups are used to create beautiful, natural and whiter temporary restorations (the Trial Smile)

Step 4: Review Appointment

We confirm your approval of the trial smile for the shape, colour, and comfort. Accurate measurements are then taken (up to 0.01mm accuracy!) as well as a new mould and photographs. This information is used by the ceramist to predictably create your new smile.

Shade Selection
The ceramist or dentist will record the precise colour match. Careful attention is made to match the colour variations within your natural teeth, as well as a precise measurement of the surface texture and lustre of your own teeth. This level of attention to detail creates whiter and natural looking teeth.

Step 5: Creation of the New Smile

We use one of the most modern and highly equipped dental laboratories in the UK specializing in porcelain veneers techniques. Our experienced, master ceramist technicians have been trained by some of the finest technicians in the world. They use their skill and artistry to create custom fitting porcelain restorations that are like fine pieces of jewellery.

Step 6: Fitting the final restorations

Fitting of your new laboratory made porcelain restorations. About two to three weeks after the preparation appointment, we deliver your new smile.

Long-Term Success
To ensure your new smile lasts you many years is simple:

  • A high standard of treatment by Jatin and his Team
  • Working with a world-class laboratory
  • Using the best materials and equipment available
  • Ensuring an excellent foundation of health
  • A high standard of home care, diet control and hygiene techniques
  • Regular visits to the hygienist for optimum gum health (e.g. every 4 or 6 months), and regular dental examinations (e.g. annually)
  • Attention to detail regarding the occlusion (the way the teeth are shaped which affects the bite, and the way teeth move in different directions).

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