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Single Dental Implants

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Some of our patients, who have lost more than one tooth, often resort to using partial dentures.

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Correcting Individual Tooth Loss with Single Implants

Do you require a solution for the replacement of a single tooth lost due to trauma, decay, or gum disease? You're not alone.

In the UK, a substantial number of implants, averaging around 30,000, are placed annually. Dr. Patel has undergone specific implant training, including the placement of single implants, contributing to higher success rates.

At Egham Dental Care, we pride ourselves on surpassing the national average implant success rate of 95%. As experts in restorative dentistry, we conduct numerous implantations annually and provide emergency placement services for immediate treatment needs.

Single Implants Offer a Robust Solution for:

  • Missing and loose teeth
  • Heavily decayed teeth
  • Broken and cracked teeth
  • Teeth damaged from injury

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How Does the Procedure Work?

A dental implant acts as a straightforward and effective means of restoring mouth stability and aesthetics. Single implants are recommended for replacing a single missing tooth or when extraction is necessary.

Constructed from titanium, the implant is deeply positioned in the bone to mimic tooth roots. The top part is then crafted from our durable porcelain range, offering a natural look and feel.

This treatment is ideal when preserving the integrity of adjacent teeth is important. Dental implant procedures are minimally invasive and should not impact neighbouring teeth.

Treatment Duration

The duration of implant treatment varies, with Dr. Patel providing detailed timelines in your personalized treatment plan. Traditional tooth implants may take a few months for jawbone integration, while modern technology allows for quicker solutions with a single dental visit.

In straightforward cases, where CBCT scans reveal ample bone, a new tooth can be implanted over a few appointments within a 3-5 month period. Healing time is crucial for optimal joint between the implant and the bone.


Titanium Screws: The Preferred Solution

Titanium implants, known for their long-term success, offer excellent results. The advantage lies in neighbouring teeth requiring no preparation, allowing the preservation of natural teeth. As a permanent fixture, you can treat the implant like any other tooth, removing concerns about removal or loosening.

Bridges vs Implants

Effects of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can significantly impact life quality, leading to dental and psychological issues like low self-esteem. Whether a front or back tooth, untreated loss may result in chewing difficulties, increased pressure on remaining teeth, and potential long-term complications.

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Implants vs bridges, weighing the pros and cons


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