Teeth Whitening

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Enlighten for only £599

Why whiten your teeth with us?
At our practice whitening your teeth is easy, seamless and comes with guaranteed results.
With a premium whitening system, a fully trained team and dentists at the ready to give you exactly the smile you want, whitening your teeth has never been easier.
We have successfully whitened numerous patients smiles to Enlightens guaranteed B1 shade or higher.
As your local Enlighten-trained dentist, we are invested in offering you the very best of everything from the second you walk through our practice doors

Why use the Enlighten whitening system?

Because Enlighten whitening was designed to give you control. We have tried several whitening systems before Enlighten and we have been with them ever since. Here are reasons you will love Enlighten too:

• Guaranteed B1 shade (the most natural white shade on the vita guide).

• No diet changes are required so you can continue eating your favourite foods to your heart's content.

• And forever-lasting results.

Discover Enlighten’s VITA B1 Shade Guarantee

The VITA index is the scale used to help dentists across the world stay on the same page when describing the colour of teeth. It’s a swatch made up of 16 varying shades and colours with B1 as the whitest natural shade.

Our Award Nominated Practice

We`re proud to have have been nominated for multiple categories in a number of awards including The Private Dentistry Awards, The Clinical Dentistry Awards and The Dentistry Awards. Categories include Best Implant Practice South, Best Team (South), Best Patient Care (South East), Practice of the Year (South East), Best Dental Nurse and Treatment of Nervous Patients.

We feel that this recognition reflects our commitment and ability to the best in patient care.


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