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Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

rootcanalAlso called endodontics, root canal treatment is required if:

  • A tooth is badly broken down
  • There is infection inside a tooth
  • There is a large, deep filling present that is close to the nerve within the tooth

The treatment is intricate, yet painless if done properly.

We also have a specialist endodontist (Dr. Rupinder Reel), who is able to perform root canal treatments that are deemed very difficult as well as repeating failed existing root canal treatments. For further information please click here.

Specialist Root Canal Treatment

What is endodontics and root canal treatment?

Each tooth in the mouth is nourished by its own nerve and blood supply, fed through the root.

On occasion, decay, fracture or trauma of the tooth can lead to the root becoming infected.

If this happens, then endodontics or root canal treatment may be called for in order to remove the infection and restore the healthy function of the tooth.

Why should I see a specialist endodontist rather than my own dentist?

Root canal treatment is a highly skilled procedure and, owing to its complexity, the best and the most comfortable result is achieved by a specialist endodontist.  A specialist endodontist is a dentist who has been specifically trained to carry out this type of intricate treatment, and is far more skilled  than a general dentist in all aspects of this work.  Root canal treatment is carried out using a special dental microscope which allows the endodontist to actually see right into the root canals and so vastly improve treatment quality.

Why should I see Rupinder as my specialist endodontist?

Here at Egham Dental Care, we are pleased to be working with specialist endodontist Rupinder Reel.  In addition to her general dental qualifications, Rupinder has carried out a further four years specialist training and is on the General Dental Council specialist register.  Rupinder believes in the importance of involving patients fully in the discussion of their treatment options, providing the highest quality of care and maximising comfort during treatment.  She is an expert in the range of procedures involved, and is committed to giving you the very highest standards of attention and care.

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