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What types of tooth whitening are there?

We currently offer home whitening with 6% hydrogen peroxide gel to be used over 6 days. This has the advantage that individual teeth can be whitened by different amounts and also that the teeth can be whitened by an amount decided by the patient. (see the home tooth whitening page for more details)

In October 2012 the E.U. tightened the regulations regarding tooth whitening. This means that only qualified dentists are able to offer the peroxide based whitening. Any non-dentist offering peroxide based tooth whitening is thus now in breach of the current E.U. regulations.

Furthermore the new regulations say that the maximum amount of peroxide is the equivalent of 6% hydrogen peroxide (same as 19% carbamide peroxide).

The very successful Zoom laser whitening now uses 6% Hydrogen Peroxide with a Photo initiator to accelerate the process. This process is fast, efficient and fully compliant with the new E.U. regulations. More details About Zoom in Surgery Whitening can be found here.